No Less than the Trees and the Stars – Rehearsal Film

No Less than the Trees and the Stars is the culmination of an intensive three week research period .It is a unified and immersive piece of work in progress,a moving demonstration of individual elements and disciplines weaved together using the theme of harmony and changing dominance .The piece was concieved by choreographer and dancer Rebecca Reilly and interactive motion sensor artist Trevor Furlong in collaboration with the fantastic skills of Tonnta choir, Performance Artist Fergus Byrne, contemporary dancers Philip connaghtan and Katherine o Malley and cellist Leoba Petrie.

This work was supported by an Arts Council bursary and Dance Ireland.

special thanks to Karl Roache ,mentor- Liz Roache ,Justine Doswell ,Victor Langheld and Fumbally Court Studios

Watch the full performance here

Dance Artists

Rebecca Reilly, Katherine O’ Malley, Philip Connaughton, Fergus Byrne


Leoba Petrie

Tonnta Choir

Robbie Blake, Margaret Bridge, Julie Shanley, Eoin Conway, Zosia Kuczynska, Morgan Crowley, Shane Barriscale, Seán Doherty

Photography : Mark O’Shea

Film : Paddy Cahill


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